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Town Board Meeting
Oct 03, 2011

October 3, 2011

 The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Rantoul was called to order at 7:30pm at the Village Hall of Potter by Chairman Mertz.  He verified that meeting notices were posted on September 29, 2011.

 Motion by Jannette, second by Eickert to approve the September meeting minutes as printed; motion carried.  Motion by Eickert, second by Jannette to accept the Treasurer’s report of Checking account balance of $2,655.25 and Money Market account balance of $143,876.35; motion carried.

 David Dhein, town assessor, was present.  He attended the assessor’s workshop, taking four classes.  Jerilyn Dietz, Calumet County District Attorney, was present to introduce herself to the Board members.

 K. Reynolds, Town attorney, received a letter from James Burnett, the attorney for the Potter Volunteer Fire Department addressing the purchase of a new truck and the contract terms with the fire department.  A copy follows.  A copy of the letter sent by Ms. Reynolds to Mr. Burnett in answer to his letter was also read.  A copy of that letter follows.

 Chairman Mertz suggested that the Town hold a special meeting to discuss the contract and purchase of a new truck for the fire department.  October 19th was chosen as the date for this meeting.  No notices will be published until Mertz consults with the Town attorney regarding this special Town meeting.

 Motion by Eickert, second by Jannette to set the snowplowing contract for the Village of Potter the same as the last two years - $4,200 for 30 times, with any extra over 30 times to be billed at $140 each; motion carried.

 Eickert and Jannette attended the Hilbert First Responders annual meeting on September 27, 2011.  The contract will remain the same - $2,207.00 for 2012.

 The question whether to remain in the Calumet County Civic League was discussed.  The Town of Rantoul will remain a member at this time.

 An Employee Grievance Procedure was reviewed.  Motion by Jannette, second by Eickert to delegate Wilmer Geiser, Town of Charlestown chairman, as Hearing Officer for any grievance brought before the Town, with $100 set as compensation for the Hearing Officer per hearing; motion carried.

 Motion by Jannette, second by Eickert to adopt Resolution 2011-04, a Resolution Adopting Employee Grievance Procedure; motion carried.

 An application to the TRIP program will be submitted for Hilbert Road from Crosstown Road for approximately 1/2 mile.

 The Shared Revenue and Transportation Aids figures for 2012 have been received.  Shared Revenue is $45,619, $3,061 lower than 2011, and Transportation Aids is $96,408.18, the same as 2011.

 Exceeding the levy limit was discussed.  No action was taken.

 The Budget Hearing and Special Town Meeting is set for November 9, 2011, at 7:00pm at the Potter Village Hall.  The Budget Hearing and Special Town Meeting agenda will include the purchasing of a new truck for the Potter Volunteer Fire Department and the contract for fire protection of the Town.

 The 2012 budget items were discussed.

 The Wisconsin Towns Association’s annual convention will be held in Green Bay on October 23-26, 2011.  Mertz and Schwartz will be attending.

 The next road maintenance meeting will be called as needed.

 Bills totaling $40,479.12 were presented.  Motion by Eickert, second by Jannette to approve the bills as presented; motion carried.  An itemized list follows.

 With no further business, motion by Eickert, second by Jannette to adjourn; motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Schwartz

Clerk, Town of Rantoul

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