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Town Board Meeting
Jul 05, 2011

July 5, 2011

 The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Rantoul was called to order at 7:30pm at the Village Hall of Potter by Chairman Mertz.  He verified that meeting notices were posted on June 28, 2011.

 Motion by Jannette, second by Eickert to approve the June meeting minutes as printed; motion carried.  Motion by Eickert, second by Jannette to accept the Treasurer’s report of Checking account balance of $1,497.95 and Money Market account balance of $170,607.44; motion carried.

 David Dhein, town assessor, was present.  He reported on the land owned by Roxanne Whitney.  The CRP expired in 2000 on the land therefore it is assessed at market value.

 Rob Schoen, Potter Fire Department chief, and other members of the Potter Fire Department were present.  An estimate on a new tanker in the amount of $161,028.00 was presented.  The truck would take approximately 9 months to be built.  The Town’s portion would be $128,822.40 for this truck.  No action was taken on the purchase of the truck.

 Contract options with Potter Fire Department were also discussed.  The clerk will contact surrounding municipalities to see how fire protection is contracted and how the annual fees are calculated.  This will be placed on the August agenda.

 The annual wage/salary review, tabled from June, was conducted.  Motion by Eickert, second by Jannette to increase the hourly wage for the Road Maintenance Supervisor $.50/hour and the base salary of the Clerk by $500/year; motion carried.  The wages are as follows:

             Full-time road maintenance employee                         $19.00 per hour

               Health insurance reimbursement                               $600.00 per month (no change from 2010)

            Select part-time employee with CDL                                      

               Daniel Jannette                                                               $16.50 per hour (no change from 2010)

               Harland Wunrow                                                             $15.75 per hour (no change from 2010)

            Part-time employee with CDL                                         $14.00 per hour (no change from 2010)

            Part-time employee without CDL                                   $11.50 per hour (no change from 2010)

            Cemetery Caretaker                                                         $1,850 per year (no change from 2010)

            Election Inspectors (Poll workers)                                $10.75 per hour (no change from 2010)

            Town Clerk                                                                         $12,500 per year

 Replacing road signs was discussed.  An estimate from Decker Supply Co. was received.  This will be acted on in August.

 The resolutions from the Wisconsin Towns Association, Calumet County branch, were discussed.  The resolutions to possibly be presented at the WTA state convention in October cover DNR land purchases of farmland, road aids reductions and the prevailing wage law.

 Roadwork in the Town has been delayed about 2 weeks due to rain.                         

 The next road maintenance meeting will be called as needed.

 Bills totaling $39,571.45 were presented.  Motion by Jannette, second by Eickert to approve the bills as presented; motion carried.  An itemized list follows.

 With no further business, motion by Eickert, second by Jannette to adjourn; motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Schwartz

Clerk, Town of Rantoul          

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